The Performer Rights Society of Kenya (PRISK) Board of Directors and Management (B.O.D) has been given a FRESH MANDATE and a VOTE OF CONFIDENCE by its members to run the affairs of the society. The vote of confidence was resoundingly issued at the society’s 10th Annual General Meeting (AGM) which saw close to 1500 members attend the meeting where they expressed their support in the directors.

As one of the conditions and pre-requisites to be issued with the 2020 operating license, the Kenya Copyright Board ( KECOBO ) required PRISK and 2 other Collective Management Organizations (KAMP and MCSK) to obtain a fresh mandate from its members through a properly and transparently conducted AGM.

The matter was placed on the agenda in view of obtaining a resolution declaring confidence of PRISK members in the B.O.D and management to run the affairs of the society.The PRISK AGM was held at the All Saints Cathedral auditorium on 18 December 2019.

The PRISK Board of Directors Comprises of:

                Ephantus W. Kamau – BOD Chairman 

                Mary G. Thitai – Vice Chairlady 

                Edwardo W. Kimani - Director                                                                                                                 

                Valentine W. Kamau – Director                                                     

                 Daniel K. Kibuchi - Director

                    Sylvia M. Mutyota - Director  

                      Keith K. Chuaga - Director