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Q: Why wasn’t I paid and yet my songs are playing on radio?

A:   PRISK do monitoring for all radio stations. The radio stations which have complied with regard to payments are preferably considered during distribution. For a song to have qualified for consideration for distribution, it must pass a threshold of one minute of airplay.

Q: Why can’t you back date/track to 5 years back when a new members joins PRISK?
A: PRISK commenced the scientific distribution in 2014 for 2013 royalties. Only the songs that were in the PRISK systems by the time of matching can be considered.
Q: Why can’t you do 24 hrs monitoring?
A: As from 2014 logs, monitoring is carried out for 24 hours.
Q: How much does each monitored song fetch?
A: There is no pre-determined amount of money. The specific figures depends on the total collections and total number of songs in the system detected to have received airplays in the radio stations in the particular distribution period.
Q: Why only pay based on airplay while not all songs in Kenya can be played on radio due to few media houses in the country?
A: Airplay is the most reliable way of determining the popularity of the songs. However, we shall be using other available sources and also a small amount as general distribution.
Q: Why can’t you monitor all stations?
A: PRISK do monitoring for 90% of radio stations.
Q: For how long have you monitored before distributing the royalties?
A: Monitoring is done annually prior to distribution (Example: 1st Jan, 2013- 31st Dec, 2013 for the royalties distributed in 2014).
Q: From your system (Distro) can I be able to see if my song is being played now or has received any airplay?
A: PRISK provides detailed reports after every royalty distribution. For any queries, kindly contact the office.
Q: Is the track producer and back ground vocalists going to get part of my royalties? Why? Yet I paid them when I was recording?
A: Yes, the law supports equitable remuneration for all performers of a given item irrespective of background arrangements/agreements. The mode of payment is determined by the distribution rules.
Q: Can you provide logs from radio stations showing the airplay my music has received?
A: Yes. The total amount of individual royalties depends on the number of airplays. PRISK provides detailed reports after every distribution.
Q: Are you monitoring all TV stations in Kenya? My songs get played on TV.
A: Currently PRISK is doing monitoring for only radio stations.
Q: In case my song is not played, will I get any royalties?
A: Distribution is based on “pay for play”. However, a small amount may be payable as general distribution upon board approval for each particular year.
Q: How do you monitor audiovisual works for actors and actresses? Stage and theater plays? Do you have a distribution and monitoring system?
A: Currently the system is not capable of monitoring audio-visual works. We are researching on the best way of monitoring and consequently, distribution.
Q: I have taken my songs to the radio stations and I am receiving a lot of airplay, Must I bring my songs to PRISK too for me to get royalties?
A: Yes, matching can only be done for the songs in the PRISK systems.
Q. Does KAMP-PRISK collect and distribute for performers in other countries other than Kenya?
A. KAMP-PRISK are mandated to license users of SR and AV within the Republic of Kenya under Equitable Remuneration Rights (Sec 30 A). Even though KAMP-PRISK does not currently have reciprocal agreements with other CMOs, it should be noted that the tariffs are not based on quantity of usage hence whether one plays only one (1) local song in a year, they would still be required to pay the license fee based on the existing tariffs. Further users are required to take out a license with KAMP-PRISK prospectively. KAMP-PRISK tariffs are not subject to regulation by any other CMO within or without the Republic of Kenya.
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