• PRISK’s mandate and overall stated objective is to manage performers’ rights effectively and efficiently. We perform that mission by charting a course that is both ambitious and quantifiable.We have met and surpassed a number of targets including the expansion of our presence from just Nairobi to several regional satellite offices and making improvements in our information technology tools that assist us in meeting our mandate. We have achieved a higher level of efficiency and quality in both licensing and distribution of royalties to our members and we will improve them still further. We have also provided expert guidance to policymakers in the drafting of Kenya’s first ever Music Policy and we will continue to provide further leadership in ensuring that this policy is enacted and implemented. We obtained funding from the Business Advocacy Fund to accomplish this latter achievement.

Pay for Play

From the ambience of soft jazz playing while enjoying an evening meal with a friend in your favorite hotel to entertainment by a popular show on radio in the Matatu on your way to work...

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Rights & Royalties

Kenyan music has, for the longest time, been criticized as, largely, falling below par of not only the international standards but also, the local context...

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The Bench

Find out more on our Bench.

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