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New Tariffs Gazetted by the Attorney General

The gazettement of the new tariffs by the Attorney General in April, 2017 was welcome news by the Collective Management Organizations (CMOs) and the industry in general. These new tariffs are a clear reflection of the numerous efforts by the CMOs alongside the regulatory body, Kenya Copy Right Board (KECOBO) and other stakeholders to pursue a joint licensing system.

This is a journey that begun over two years ago with deliberations between the CMOs and other stakeholders in the industry.

However, the implementation of the joint tariff hit a deadlock following the Conservatory Orders staying/temporarily stopping implementation of the decision of Kenya Copyright Board of 27th March 2017 approving the license of Music Publishers Association of Kenya and revoking the license of Music Copyright Society of Kenya – MCSK.

However, we thank the licensees especially the Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry that has shown tremendous support to KAMP and PRISK and supported its activities together with other users ensuring that rights of producers and performers are upheld despite the confusion. It is our hope that this confusion will soon seize and we can finally issue one tripartite license as we have hoped for a long time now.

Joint licensing is a major relief for the users of sound recordings and audio-visual works that will now ensure uniformity while doing their businesses by not being asked to pay three different bodies on nearly the same commodity.

With a robust and professional network across the country, we are now looking into increasing the collection base by more than 50% in order to distribute more royalties.


We remain committed to implementing the new joint licensing tariffs. However, just like in every new system, there will be a transition period in order to integrate the new licensing system to ensure that everyone is compliant. 

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